Maintaining visual and verbal contact between a parent and their hospitalized newborns is crucial.

It is recognised that skin-to-skin contact between parent and child within the first hours or days is extremely important, providing an essential bond. However, it’s not always possible due to a premature birth, after a C-section or as a result of complications at birth. If a baby requires specialist care in hospital, this too could involve travel – reducing contact with a new-born baby.



The BB-BOX solution is a neonatal camera that connects parents and professionals with newborns, enabling visual and verbal contact. It allows an infant to hear its parents, supporting the link between parent and child when they are separated soon after birth.

BB-BOX is plug- and-play with a simple, secure and safe interface that needs no electric plug. Its multi-functional software enables both communication between parents, professionals and infants. Health professionals can share best practice and communicate with partners across the world using BB-Box’s live conference call facilities.


An integrated system

An audio speaker provides a verbal link between the parents and the incubator with an additional microphone allowing health professionals to communicate with the parents.

Plug & Play

The BB-BOX solution only requires an RJ45 network cable which ensures discreet and secure transmissions. BB-BOX does not use any electrical connectors and is simple plug- and-play.

Multidisciplinary software

BB-BOX is compatible with the Windows XP, 7, 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.  The BB-BOX Master software can be installed on a workstation or on an embedded web portal (using the CD-ROM), with no rights / administrator privileges necessary for use (administrator rights are required for installation).

Infrared camera

BB-BOX solution includes an infra-red HD camera with secure streaming to meet the latest European standards, using a simple ON / OFF switch to turn on the camera.


BB-Box uses simple plug-and-play technology that allows a parent or professional to view the baby in an incubator. We believe that there are 3 unique features of BB-Box which makes it the best choice for your hospital:-

1. A color Infra-red HD camera

2. Ethernet connections – therefore there is no need for an electricity supply

3. Multi-disciplinary software


As you would expect, BB-Box uses encrypted transmissions meeting the highest quality standards of bank security (X.509) and no images are stored, protecting the rights of the baby. The neonatal unit (NICU) controls access including connection time slots using passwords for the live streaming facilities and manages all cameras.



Designed in collaboration with pediatricians and neonatal specialists, BB-BOX fulfils several functions, allowing the following :

  • Visual and sonic contact between the parents and the child inside the hospital (the mother is in her room and the child in the neonatal ward)
  • Visual and sound contact between the parents, the family and the child outside the hospital (the family is at home and the child is in the neonatal ward)
  • Eye contact between health professionals and the child (at the request of a nurse, the doctor can connect to the relevant camera and make visual contact with the newborn)
  • The exchange and sharing of information between health professionals (thanks to BB-BOX, doctors can share information about a patient or on medical procedures).

BB-BOX is not a diagnostic tool and is no replacement for direct contact between a doctor and child. However, it is a truly innovative and comforting solution for parents, family and children; it is more than a just a video and sound solution…BB-BOX allows the premature baby to develop in better conditions, thanks to the audio chip that transmits the voice of the parents and the heartbeat of the mother.

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